Tsipora: A Place to Land – Solo Exhibit

Suzy Birstein comes to the Gallery May 19 – June 27 with her Tsipora series. Take a tour of her studio and get a preview now!

Suzy Birstein Studio Tour – YouTube

Thank you to Byron Dauncey for photos of sculptures

Byron Dauncey is a photographer and artist. He specializes in art documentation and candid portraiture. He has studied under photographers Lincoln Clarkes and Fred Herzog, and artist Andrew Owen.

Byron Dauncey

Parker Art Salon

What happens if 152,000 square feet turns into 110 studios for 227 artists, designers, photographers and woodworkers creating under one roof?
A lot of artwork.

The iconic 1000 Parker Street warehouse is a Vancouver landmark, hosting 4 floors of artists diverse in style and discipline. In such an environment, the buzz of creativity is ongoing night and day. It is here a unique community of les beaux arts thrives.

Parker Art Salon

Parker Art Salon is Vancouver’s much anticipated annual fine art event featuring over 60 artists from the Parker Street Studios, a cultural landmark and mammoth warehouse boasting four floors of artists diverse in both style and discipline. In such an environment the buzz of creativity is ongoing night and day, and it is here where a unique community of les beaux arts thrives.

“Essential Travel” speaks to how art can elevate and move the spirit despite COVID-19 restrictions placed on almost all aspects of our human experience.

This exhibition showcases a range of captivating art where 50% of the auction proceeds will benefit the Beedie Luminaries Foundation, a program of scholarships for financially constrained students. All artwork on view and on auction at the Pendulum Gallery May 06 — 16, 2021.

Essential Travel: An Artful Journey Presented by Parker Art Salon

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Beedie Luminaries – A Unique Scholarship Program

Education can offer life-changing opportunities, but every year, too many bright, driven students from disadvantaged backgrounds make the decision not to pursue post-secondary education because they can’t afford it. We’re here to help.

Beedie Luminaries – A Unique Scholarship Program

The Gallery George

The Gallery George shows painters, designers and sculptors in a beautiful 2000 square foot space. It’s in the heart of Vancouver’s arts district — just a few steps from the heritage Parker Street Studios where many of our artists carry out their art practices.
The Gallery George

Sidney and Gertrude Zack GalleryMay 20 – June 27th


“Apsara Mirage” (detail)
oil, cold wax, gold leaf on canvas
“In a world apart”

after Van Gogh
Fired ceramic, gold leaf
“Till there was you”

after Schiele and Peacocks
Oil, cold wax and mirror on canvas (detail)

“A snowflake of your memory”
fired ceramic, gold luster, fragmented mirror

“Beauty Bountiful and Ruby”
oil on canvas, 24″x24″
The Pendulum Gallery is located on in the heart of downtown, in the public atrium of the HSBC building across from the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Hotel Vancouver.
The gallery evolved out of an agreement between the City of Vancouver and the original owner to provide a public cultural facility inside the private office building when it was constructed in 1986. At first envisioned as a performance venue the space became focused on the visual arts in the mid-1990’s.
Here you see shows you might not normally see in a gallery setting – public art projects, historical photos, fashion, graphic, architecture and urban design, little-known or underrepresented artist and arts communities from the region. The Gallery is self-funded, acting on a cost-recovery basis, raising income from exhibition fees, special events and receptions, operation of a café, and yearly rental of display windows.