Robert Davidson

Great Work
An Overview of Contemporary British Columbia Artists

As we enter into high technology and the computer age we are becoming removed from the spirit of great craftsmanship. I am not trying to discredit the advancements that have been made in the name of technology, but to caution the lack of spirituality in these mediums.

I remain committed to creating finely crafted objects and to passing on the skills that will bring joy and pleasure to a world that is searching for its lost soul. Haida art has become very addictive to me. I feel that its possibilities are limitless, and I’ve chosen to stay within the art form for that reason.

We had art that was sacred, only brought out for certain ceremonies. We had art on permanent display validating our place in the world. The big challenge today is to give meaning to the art form, meaningful to us, so we can relate to it.

Since the almost complete destruction of our spirit, our disconnection from our values and beliefs, it is the art that is bringing us back to our roots.

Robert Davidson
Eagle of the Dawn Artist

In the past, people lived by a strict code of laws that was defined by public opinion. Since there were no written documents, all changes to the existing order were made at feasts and potlatches, at a time when the public was present. If you accepted the chieftainship, or you raised a memorial pole, or you got married, all activities were recorded this way. So when you decided to change the pattern, you had to accumulate the goods to create the potlatch and invite the people.

Robert Davidson
A Haida Potlatch