Ceramics Workshop in Skopelos with Suzy Birstein

“Mia Muse”

Ceramics Workshop with Suzy Birstein at
The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts
September 10th – 25th, 2009

All skill levels are welcome!

Envision your “Inner Muse” under the creative guidance of ceramist Suzy Birstein – famed artist for the 2008 Academy Awards Nominees – on the enchanting island of Skopelos, where “Mamma Mia” was filmed!

Suzy will demonstrate her ceramic hand building techniques combining textures, slabs, coil and pinching to create figurative sculptures. Students will have hands on experience creating small figures in the form of decorative and functional mugs, masks, spirit bottles, and heads.

After the work is fired, experiment with Suzy’s unique multi-surface combinations of fired under glazes and glazes alongside painted and patina’d surfaces.

Skopelos Town

Under the Skopelos sun, we will create time to discuss participants’ initial concepts of MUSE and personal ongoing sources of inspiration, such as visual, musical and theatrical… all of which will be enhanced by the evocative ambiance of Skopelos. We will experience local music, food, artists, museums, architecture as well as exploring gorgeous beaches and hikes into nature.

Our vision will grow as we make visible the synthesis of clay, color concept and culture.

Costs: to include workshop, materials, firings, opening/closing dinner and breakfasts $1,800. An early bird special is offered by registering no later than June 1st.

Accommodations: on Skopelos range from €12.50 – €25 per night for single or double occupancy.

Contact Jill Somer at info@skopart.org
Group travel available, contact mpanos@omega-travel.com or
Suzy Birstein at suzy@suzybirstein.com
For more information about Suzy Birstein please go to www.suzybirstein.com
The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts at www.skopart.org