Debbie Douez

Making art has profoundly changed me. It’s helped connect to my most authentic self and provided me with an expression that has become essential to my well being. I’ve learned through experience that art heals us quite naturally. It’s soothing and helps us feel better when our emotions are getting the best of us. When therapeutic art making is done with intention and in the presence of a qualified art therapist, the results can be quite dramatic. The final work can give us insights into ourselves and our life situation. It can help us heal our traumas and find creative solutions to our problems.

In my private practice, I work predominantly with children, parents, women in major life transitions, and other therapists

In the community, I lead a variety of themed workshops. I also offer business coaching and workshops to therapists interested in starting up their own practice and I sit on the board of the Esquimalt Township Community Arts Council, helping to bring more culture and arts programming to our community.

Debbie Douez
Art Therapy

I have focused on health and well being my entire life. In addition to my postgraduate Art Therapy diploma, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition, have studied art for 6 years in Spain and New York, and worked for over 20 years in business as a marketer, a mentor, and consultant to a great many clients. I have shown my art professionally in a number of solo and group shows and produced over 50 short films. I was the producer of a full-length documentary about traumatized kids in the school system called “Skids” which can be seen on Youtube and TELUS Optik TV. I currently live and work in the beautiful waterfront community of Esquimalt, British Columbia.

“Image and meaning are identical: and as the former takes shape,
so the latter becomes clear.”

David MacLagan
Painting, Feeling, and Making Sense